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Portfolio Fit

Portfolio Fit

February 21, 2023

Is your investment strategy suitable for your future needs?

Most people's investment portfolios are tailored to their own goals, risk thresholds, and time horizons.

When these factors are considered alongside complex portfolio optimization calculations, most investors can be assured that they have a diversified portfolio in the best possible position to achieve their long-term objectives. How you want to spend your retirement, though, is something to think about beyond your savings and investments.

Your retirement portfolio may need to be adjusted if you plan to start a business, take long trips, or otherwise change your current retirement income strategy. Strategies for minimizing the potential for loss in an investment portfolio include diversification and the use of optimization algorithms for building the portfolio. They do not protect you from losing money if the value of your securities drops.

Remember that the value of your investment and your potential return on investment can rise or fall depending on market conditions. When sold, the value of a security may be more or lower than its purchase price. No assurance can be given that the same level of success will be repeated in the future. To put it simply, people can't buy shares of an index.